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What I liked: "I have been a patient since 2006. I can confidently say that Dr Goulden is very knowledgeable in her field. She has given me excellent advice, so that I can manage my skin condition. I am pleased with my treatmen/ care. I would highly recommend Dr. V. Goulden."

I went for: Out-Patients Appointment - Dermatology

Patient who saw Dr. Victoria Goulden in Chapel Allerton Hospital

What I liked: "Mr McDonald is an unassuming, friendly, approachable genius. He probably saved my life with his swift actions with regard to blood clots in my leg and stomach 10 yrs ago. I still have the filter in that was fitted then. He has carried out three major ops on my hip and the metal construction is unbelievable."

Could improve: "Nothing. I have had care second to nothing in the Leeds nhs, not just my hips but through a heart attack, two strokes, shoulder surgery. I now have heart failure which I have to cope with and a hernia to boot. That's old age for you. It will be sorted. Many thanks."

I went for: Adult hip surgery

Patient who saw Mr. David Alastair Macdonald in Chapel Allerton Hospital

What I liked: "Dr. Dass is exceptional, kind and caring. If only all consultants had his qualities the health service would be a much better service. I can not praise him enough."

Patient who saw Dr. Shouvik Dass in Chapel Allerton Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Macdonald is a fantastic, outstanding, understanding, caring, professional man, and under his care I've had 2 major operations, with leg construction on both of my leg's. I've had keyhole investigative surgery on both legs, and then a major artificial carbon fiber ligament pioneering operation."

Could improve: "Nothing, apart from more funding to the NHS and also for Mr Macdonald to be recognised more for the wonderful surgeon he is, and a MBE. In 20 years the care I have received from his department is outstanding, as I have to travel 72 miles from Hull to Leeds to get the care, which has been lifesaving."

I went for: I have been a patient of 20 years now

Patient who saw Mr. David Alastair Macdonald in Chapel Allerton Hospital

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