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What I liked: "On a bus route."

Could improve: "You can never get an appointment when you call. You have to call by 9am to get one, then there are none left and they tell you you have to phone again in a few days. It's a training centre so you never see the same dr twice."

I went for: doctor appointments

Patient that went to Castlemilk Health Centre

Could improve: "The appointment system in this health centre is very bad, you can only make appointments 48 hours ahead and if you have not called by 9am there is nothing left... Most annoying when you only have one day off work a week, so you have to wait another week to try again, only to be told there is nothing."

I went for: hrt repeat

Patient that went to Castlemilk Health Centre

"podiatry waiting time for appointment and referral poor"

Patient that went to Castlemilk Health Centre

Rating without comments

Patient who saw Dr. Roderick Nial MacLeod in Castlemilk Health Centre

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