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What I liked: "Very calm and experienced. She explained everything well needing me no reason to ask further questions"

Could improve: "patients could be kept up to date better on what number they are in the line to go into theatre and regularly updated. I was told to be there for 7.30am and i went into the anaesthetic room at exactly 12.50pm. A long day."

I went for: Hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy

Patient who saw Dr. Kalsang Bhatia in Burnley General Hospital

What I liked: "She's an incredible doctor. Compassionate, knowledgable, patient and even after all these years has an excellent bedside manner. Has tended to me with each of my children. Can't thank her enough!"

I went for: High risk obstetric care

Patient who saw Dr. Fiona Clarke in Burnley General Hospital

What I liked: "Brilliant at calming me and my partner... Very confident and was excellent!"

I went for: emergency forceps

Patient who saw Dr. Kalsang Bhatia in Burnley General Hospital

What I liked: "Miss Iddon is a wonderful surgeon... Very talented and devoted in her work and she shows true concern, compassion and understanding for her patients. She is a truly remarkable lady and I feel very blessed to have her as my consultant. Thank you."

I went for: Breast

Patient who saw Dr. Julie Iddon in Burnley General Hospital

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