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"Excellent treatment from Mr Schmitgen, also from his staff. Seen at both Blackburn and Burnley hospitals. Still recovering from surgery, but would definitely recommend him to anyone with joint or any type of orthopaedic problems."

Patient who saw Mr. Gunther Schmitgen in Burnley General Hospital

"An extremely caring person who is very pleasant, courteous, and polite. His approach is very professional and it is at patient level rather than 'consultant'. He is helpful and understanding as well and a very clever man. Thank you Mr Abdul Nabi."

Patient who saw Mr. Mohammad Abdul-Nabi in Burnley General Hospital

"I had a full hip replacement about 6 years ago, no problems whatsoever. Good team."

Patient who saw Mr. Adhita Nanda Saikia in Burnley General Hospital

"Highly recommended, I see him often and he is always professional and always willing to fit me into, his busy schedule. Explains treatment and very knowledgeable. I have seen many doctors and dr ayri is the best I have seen :)"

Patient who saw Dr. Rajkumar Ariyaratnam in Burnley General Hospital

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