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What I liked: "Dr Zachariah was very understanding, he listened, and acted immediately, I couldn't have asked for more. Any problems or questions were answered, not dismissed. I have never been in this position before, were I was relying so much on one person and, I was never let down"

Could improve: "Only the facilities."

I went for: Consultancy re encephalitis

Patient who saw Dr. George Zachariah in Broomfield Hospital

What I liked: "We think Mr Richardson was a real life saver in our situation, extremely professional, kind and courteous. Operated on me and saved my life, so will be eternally grateful for his help. This is from a 77yr old lady."

I went for: fistula and had an illestomy

June B. saw Dr. Nigel G B Richardson in Broomfield Hospital

"Such a kind and caring lady. Been under her care on and off for 10 years now and she always asks after my son (I was pregnant when I first met her) and remembers the tiniest of details. 5 stars."

Patient who saw Dr. Maria Sirotakova in Broomfield Hospital

"Treated like a human. The team was very friendly and made the experience painless. Talked all the way through the procedure."

Patient who saw Dr. Thomas Francis Browne in Broomfield Hospital

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