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"Mr Quiney has a wonderful manner,that gives you both confidence and comfort.He listens attentively to you,then gives you your options or his immediate recommendations on the way forward.Was recommended to me and I have also recommended him!"

Patient who saw Mr. Robert Quiney in BMI The Garden Hospital

"Dr Heather Angus Leppan has been treating one of my daughters for with the greatest care and understanding. She was highly recommended to me by her old Professor of `Neurology in Australia, Professor James Lance, and with very good reason."

Mary G. saw Dr. Heather Angus-Leppan in BMI The Garden Hospital

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Might be a trigger finger (or fingers). You should see a hand specialist.

Mr. Manoj Sood
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Mr. Manoj Sood

Orthopaedic surgeon

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a difficult diagnosis to make. Often a full cervical rib is not present. Making the diagnosis depends on taking a careful history and examination at ion and then getting various imaging. Us is usually not helpful. An mri may be. The care comes in making sure treatment is stepwise from physiotherapy and posture alignment to scale ne injections and only considering surgery if symptoms are severe or arterial in nature.

Mr. Daryll Baker
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Mr. Daryll Baker

General Surgeon, Vascular surgeon

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