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What I liked: "Mr Lavin is a caring and patient person and excellent surgeon. I have an aversion to eyes, so not the easiest person for him to deal with. He readily offered an alternative solution without delay. He has extensive knowledge and explains details clearly and reassuringly. I would recommend him."

Could improve: "In my experience, nothing. He is committed to his patients."

I went for: Retinal tear

Patient who saw Dr. Michael Lavin in BMI The Alexandra Hospital

What I liked: "He is so patient and caring. He took time to explain all the results of tests to me. He informed my GP about everything that was going on and sent copies to me."

Could improve: "He was always late for my appointments but I accepted that he probably takes longer than expected with each of his patients."

I went for: MD

Patient who saw Dr. Michael Lavin in BMI The Alexandra Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Gary Ross's approach from the first consultation was perfect, he listened & understood fully what I would want to achieve from my chosen procedure. After this meeting my decision was made 100% that Mr Ross was the perfect choice."

Could improve: "People say there is always room for improvement - I would say without hesitation, the care, consideration, attention to detail, personal approach & the genius and skill of Gary Ross as a surgeon needs no improvement, this surgeon is a genius & a perfectionist. Mr Ross's support team are amazing."

I went for: Breast Augmentation

Patient who saw Dr. Gary Ross in BMI The Alexandra Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Carlson is very easy to speak to. He puts you at ease, and he explains everything clearly. I felt a lot better just by speaking to him. Well worth seeing him private, as I was out of my mind with worry."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Consultation

Patient who saw Mr. Gordon Lawrence Carlson in BMI The Alexandra Hospital

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Atrial fibrillation is a major risk factor of stroke. The top heart chambers (atria) fibrillate and stagnation of blood predisposes to clotting; the blood clot can then get dislodged into circulation and finally wedged in one of the arteries in brain cutting off blood supply and causing a stroke.

Rivaroxaban is one of anticoagulants ('blood thinning' drugs) which reduce the risk of excessive clotting and so the risk of stroke. So, the answer is yes - a previous stroke automatically places your mother in the high risk category - but she seems to be on a good treatment to reduce this risk as much as possible.

Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
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Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Premium Profile Has a more complete profile


No, endometriosis does not increase incidence of endometrial cancer per se

Dr. Narmada Katakam
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Dr. Narmada Katakam

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician

Blepharoplasty can be performed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. Upper blepharoplasty and minimally invasive lower blepharoplasty can be performed under local. More aggressive lower blepharoplasty often is best under general anaesthetic. It is worth a consultation to go through the pros and cons of each method and allow you to make an informed decision as to which is the best method for you.

Dr. Gary Ross
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Dr. Gary Ross

Plastic surgeon

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