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Bucks Cross Road Chelsfield . BR67RG Orpington, Greater London


 "BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital in Orpington, Kent is part of BMI Healthcare, Britain's leading provider of independent healthcare with a nationwide network of hospitals & clinics performing more complex surgery than any other private healthcare provider in the country. Our commitment is to quality and value, providing facilities for advanced surgical procedures together with friendly, professional care.

BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital has 46 beds with all rooms offering the privacy and comfort of en-suite facilities, satellite TV and telephone. The hospital has three theatres, and a high dependency unit. The hospital's HFEA licensed Assisted Conception Unit is one of the most advanced in the South East with success rates amongst the best in the country.

These facilities, combined with the latest in technology and on-site support services, enable our consultants to undertake a wide range of procedures from routine investigations to complex surgery. This specialist expertise is supported by caring and professional medical staff, with dedicated nursing teams and Resident Medical Officers on duty 24 hours a day, providing care within a friendly and comfortable environment."

Speciality and consultants

Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Basil Al-shakarchi
Mr. Jonah Chieza
Dr. Jayaram Dasan
Dr. Paul Davis
Dr. Prabhu Galiveti
Dr. Sri Gowri Vishnubala
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Dr. Dan Harding
Dr. Russell Mark Hedley
Dr. Nicholas Adrian Jones
Dr. Philip Jones
Dr. Gursharon Lagan
Dr. David Egbert Lee
Dr. Fariborz Neirami     
Dr. Kalpana Reddy     
Dr. Elizabeth Jane Roberts
Dr. Catherine Roulson
Dr. Andrew John Turvey
Dr. Pauline Rosemary Vine
Dr. Prasad Vyalarnam
Audiological Medicine
Mr. Andrew Prior
Dr. Sangaralingam Shanmuga Surenthiran
Dr. Rama Bala
Dr. Nicholas Peter Gall     
Dr. Brian Gould
Dr. Edward John Langford
Dr. Winston Martin
Dr. Sundip Patel
Dr. Jagdip Sidhu
Clinical Oncology
Cosmetic Surgery
Mr. Peter Chapman
Mr. Amir Ahmed Hosny
Miss Pari-Naz Mohanna
Dr. John Michael Boss
Dr. Andrew Charles Pembroke
Ms. Barbara Arora
Mrs. Emma Daldorph
Mr. Abdool Ahmad Nayeck
Mrs. Hilary Thomas
Dr. Sharaf Ibrahim
Dr. Abbi Lulsegged     
ENT - Otolaryngology
Mr. Paul Geoffrey Calvin Gluckman
Mr. David Gordon Golding-Wood
Mr. Amir Ahmed Hosny
Mr. Andrew Prior
Mr. Roland Mark Terry
Dr. Maxwell Asante
Dr. Howard Curtis
Dr. Helen Fidler
Dr. Amit Gera
Dr. Anthony Jenkins
Dr. Aathavan Loganayagam
Dr. Vishal Saxena
Gastrointestinal Surgery
General internal Medicine
Dr. Enefiok Ekpo
Dr. Helen Fidler
Dr. Shahid Hamid
Dr. Asad Hussain
Dr. Aza Jamal Abdulla
Dr. Abbi Lulsegged     
Dr. Suveer Singh
General Surgery
Mr. Eddie Chaloner
Miss Karina Cox
Mr. Tony Wynne Davies     
Mr. Anil Desai     
Mr. Haresh Devalia
Mr. Robert Anthony Edmondson
Dr. Shamsi El-Hasani
Mr. Joseph Patrick Martin Ellul
Mr. Thomas William Hennigan
Prof. Noorali Ismaili
Mr. Rajab Kerwat
Mr. Michael Christopher Owen Parker
Mr. Midhat Nafis Siddiqi
Mr. Prakash Sinha     
Mr. Frank Herbert Smedley     
Mr. Aaron Brian Joseph Sweeney
Miss Tena Walters
Mr. Anthony Abbas
Mr. Gibson Akpobome
Mr. Rowan Connell     
Mr. Ian K Dickinson
Miss Rosemary Gardner
Miss Leila Hanna     
Mr. Mohsen Hassan
Mr. Nicholas Clive Woodiwiss Hill
Mr. Elias Kovoor
Mr. Christopher Lee
Mr. Emmanuel Ofuasia
Miss Kazal A Omar     
Miss Arasee Renganathan
Miss Amina Shafik
Mr. Roger Nigel John Smith
Mr. Christopher Victor Steer     
Miss Sally Watkinson
Dr. Anil Kamat
Dr. Maadh Aldouri
Dr. Vivienne Elizabeth Andrews
Dr. Saad Munir Bashir Rassam
Dr. Tariq Shafi     
Medical Microbiology
Medical Oncology
Dr. Mark Harries
Dr. Nicholas Robert Maisey
Dr. Anne Rigg
Dr. Riyaz Shah
Dr. Thomas Britton
Dr. Christopher George Clough
Dr. Fiona Norwood
Dr. Jennifer Anne Quirk
Dr. Sangaralingam Shanmuga Surenthiran
Mr. Sinan Barazi
Mr. Bhupal Prabhakar Chitnavis
Mr. Michael Maurice Sharr
Mr. Gibson Akpobome
Miss Leila Hanna     
Miss Kazal A Omar     
Mr. Wagih Aclimandos
Prof. Ejaz Akhtar Ansari
Mr. Luis Guillermo Amaya Pedraza
Mr. Jamil Hakim
Mr. Luca Ilari
Miss Heather Jackson
Mrs. Lumina Perpetua Fidelis Lanigan
Mr. David Richard Trew
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Mr. Massoud Hosseini Ardehali
Mr. Andrew John Lyons
Mr. Max Edwards
Mr. Jonathan Walczak
Dr. Ali Bokhari
Dr. Sonny Kwang-Fook Chong
Prof. Mark Davenport
Mr. Ashish Desai
Dr. A Sahib El-Radhi
Dr. Andrew Nicholas William Evans
Dr. Gautam Kulkarni     
Dr. Kalu Ogbureke
Dr. Ahmed Shamekh
Pathology, General
Dr. Hasina Ahmad
Dr. Mustafa Atta
Dr. Raphael Ezekwesili
Dr. Mihir Kumar Khan
Dr. Andrew David Mackay
Plastic Surgery
Mr. Prakash Sinha     
Mr. Akbal Randhawa
Ms. Suzanne Taylor
Dr. Margaret Searle
Dr. Margaret Searle
Dr. Ajay Arora
Dr. Dennis Baker
Dr. Zoser Boulis
Dr. Richard Anthony Carver
Dr. Paul David Holder
Dr. Preminda Kessar
Dr. Sumantra Kumar
Dr. Shahram Maghsoudi
Dr. Pippa Mills
Dr. Stephen Vincent Morgan
Dr. Tarun Sabharwal
Dr. Viktor Serafimov
Dr. Ali Sever
Rehabilitation Medicine
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Shahid Hamid
Dr. Suveer Singh
Dr. Nap Tai Cheung Chun Wah
Dr. Asad Hussain
Dr. Pauline Isobel Pitt
Dr. Srinivasan Srirangan
Spinal Surgery
Sports Medicine
Mr. Tom Cornish
Mr. Jonathan Walczak
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr. Paul Richard Allen
Mr. Aria Daneshfar
Mr. Alfred Franklin
Mr. Paul Gill
Mr. Alan Groom     
Mr. Laurence James
Mr. Marcos Katchburian     
Mr. Venu Kavarthapu
Prof. Tony Kochhar
Mr. Ajeet Kumar
Mr. Om Lahoti
Mr. Ganapathyraman Mani
Mr. John McAllister
Mr. Anthony John Leahy Percy
Mr. Sudhir Rao
Mr. Mohammed Suhaib Sait
Mr. Yathish Shenava
Mr. Samrendu Kumar Singh
Mr. Charles Willis-Owen
Mr. Dimitri Yanni     
Mr. Munir Ahmed
Mr. Guy Dawkins
Mr. Ian K Dickinson
Mr. Mohamed Hammadeh
Miss Diane Nurse
Mr. P Raju
Vascular Surgery
Mr. Eddie Chaloner
Mr. Robert Anthony Edmondson
Mr. Aaron Brian Joseph Sweeney

Reviews of BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital

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Overall rating

"Felt I was listened to, felt important and felt that I was assessed as an individual person. Would recommend Dr Lulsegged even if you just have a consultation and then decide whether to go ahead with treatment. I'm very happy that I went."

Overall rating

"I've been seeing Dr Steer for several months now and he's very good, but be prepared to wait up to an hour to see him. He's worth the wait. Makes you feel relaxed and I wouldn't change him. Doesn't push you to pay for treatment that he feels isn't necessary."

Overall rating

"I have had a consultation with Dr. Neirami which led very quickly to pain treatment on my back, which I had yesterday. Clearly, I cannot so soon judge the outcome, But I want to say at this stage that I couldn't expect a clearer, and I hope more honest consultation."

Overall rating

"Very nice doctor. Suspected Coeliac Disease within a minute of seeing my daughter, and he was right! This is after years of other doctors not picking up on it.... very friendly and helpful."

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What is the side effect of using neocate advance on children up to 6 years old

Question about Nutritional support

  • Dr. Gautam Kulkarni
    Dr. Gautam Kulkarni
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  • According to Nutricia, Neocate Advance is nutritionally adequate for children from 1 - 10. Prolonged use is necessary in circumstances where the diet is extremely restricted due to severe allergies. An experienced dietician should be able to ensure that additional vitamin / micronutrient supplements are not needed!

    There are no side effects as such if the milk is well tolerated...

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