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Was your appointment at Belfast City Hospital?


What I liked: "Polite, friendly, conscientious, very thorough and explained all aspects of my care and investigation comprehensively."

Could improve: "Was completley satisfied with all aspects of my consultations."

I went for: investigation and review

James G. saw Dr. Malcolm Ivan Wiggam in Belfast City Hospital

What I liked: "A superb consultant, very caring, attentive and knowledgeable"

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Treatment for Non Hodgkins lymphoma

Patient who saw Dr. Treen Carson Michael Morris in Belfast City Hospital

"Well how do I describe my experience of Miss Refsum... wonderful. She is a meticulous, articulate, direct and highly skilled surgeon who really knows what she is doing. I had complete confidence in this lady. My surgical outcome was amazing."

Patient who saw Ms. Sigrid Elisabet Refsum in Belfast City Hospital

"Highly recommend Dr Simon Walsh for his speedy treatment for diagnosing my heart problem and the speedy service in surgery to help sort my problem and helping me to get my life back."

Patient that went to Belfast City Hospital

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