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"I found her to be very attentive, pleasant, have an instant grasp of my condition, and she put me at ease. Excellent."

Dave B. saw Dr. Nicola Stevenson in Arrowe Park Hospital

"Looked after and advised me all throughout my triplet pregnancy. Delivered my babies safely. The most professional, caring and such a lovely person with a good sense of humour. :) By far the best consultant I've ever known."

Patient who saw Dr. Akin Famoriyo in Arrowe Park Hospital

"I was first treated by Dr Newall when admitted to Arrowe Park Hospital as an emergency with heart failure. I immediately felt confident that I was being treated by a first class cardiologist. Frankly I owe my life to Dr Newall. He speaks in a frank, open matter that builds your confidence. D. Melling"

Patient who saw Dr. Nick Newall in Arrowe Park Hospital

"Dr. O'Sullivan diagnosed me with lymphoma on 20th dec 2013, then insisted that I was not to leave his clinic without a CT scan on my swollen lymph nodes in my neck (within 20 mins) and an FNA test (2 hours) and finally a pre-op for an incision biopsy (23rd dec 2013). All well, just had 2nd bout of chemo."

Patient who saw Dr. Gerard O'Sullivan in Arrowe Park Hospital

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