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What I liked: "The appropriate care I received from Dr Pereira and his team. Full explanations of the treatment I could receive complete with implications for each option and when would be the best time for them - the fused ankle operation has provided complete pain relief and a huge mobility improvement."

Could improve: "Better recognition of Dr Pereira and his teams efforts."

I went for: Arthritis surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Melwyn Pereira in Alexandra Hospital

What I liked: "What can I say, what a wonderful team. I felt listened to and treated with compassion and understanding. And given lots of information and input on how we move forward with my treatment."

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Thyroid

Patient who saw Dr. Irfan Babar in Alexandra Hospital

Could improve: "Seeing the surgeon since the operation more often."

Patient who saw Mr. Richard Walter Catharina Knebel in Alexandra Hospital

What I liked: "I was treated by Doctor Irwin and his team. I was treated so well in many ways. I was a shivering wreck (before hand) and doctor Irwin and his crew put my mind at ease and helped me to make a full recovery. I feel very fortunate to be under his care."

I went for: Mastectomy & Chemotherapy

Patient who saw Dr. Clive J R Irwin in Alexandra Hospital

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