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Hills Road . CB22QR Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Speciality and consultants

Dr. Martin John Herrick
Dr. David Krishna Menon
Dr. Philip John Morris
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Mr. Steven Shi Lap Tsui
Mr. Francis Charles Wells
Clinical Genetics
Dr. Richard Nicholas Sandford
Clinical Neurophysiology
Dr. Taysier Ismail Bukhari
Dr. Julian Ray
Dr. Stephen Joseph Wroe
Clinical Oncology
Dr. Duncan I Jodrell
Dr. Richard James Benson
Dr. Philippa Gail Corrie
Dr. David Gilligan
Dr. Sarah Jane Jefferies     
Dr. Anne Margaret Moody
Dr. Simon Geoffrey Woodington Russell
Dr. Michael Vaughan Williams
Dr. Charles Bernard Joseph Howitt Wilson
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr. Morris Jonathan Brown
Dr. Kevin Michael O'Shaughnessy
Dr. Karen Kwie Kay Sheares
Colorectal Surgery
Mr. Nigel Hall
Cosmetic Surgery
Mr. Tariq Ahmad     
Mr. George Cormack
Dr. Shiu Kwan Chan
Dr. Nigel Burrows
Dr. Jane Carolyn Sterling
Dr. Pamela Todd
Dr. Denis Michael O'Sullivan
Dr. Rosemary Anne Rusk
Dr. Sean Dinneen
ENT - Otolaryngology
Mr. Patrick Axon
Mr. Brian Fish     
Mr. Piyush Jani     
Mr. David Charles McKiernan
Mr. David Moffat
Dr. Stephen Middleton
Dr. Miles Parkes
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Mr. Andrew Hindmarsh
General internal Medicine
Dr. John Richard Bradley
Dr. Paul Desmond Flynn
Dr. Ian Boden Wilkinson
Dr. Robert James David Winter
General Psychiatry
Dr. Neil Hunt
General Surgery
Dr. Jonathan Boyle
Mr. Simon Dwerryhouse
Mr. Parto Forouhi     
Mr. Michael Ellis Gaunt
Mr. Nigel Hall
Mr. Richard Hardwick
Mr. Paul David Hayes
Mr. Andrew Hindmarsh
Mr. Emmanuel Laurent Huguet
Mr. Neville Victor Jamieson
Mr. Raaj Kumar Praseedom
Mr. Oduru Ravisekar
Mr. Christopher Watson
Prof. Gordon Wishart
Genito-urinary Medicine
Dr. Christopher Alan Carne
Dr. Christopher Sonnex
Dr. Gordon Arnold Campbell
Dr. Duncan Ronald Forsyth
Gynaecological Oncology
Mr. Peter John William Baldwin
Mr. Robin Alfred Florian Crawford
Mr. Gerald Hackett     
Dr. Gerald Anthony Hackett
Mr. John Latimer
Dr. John Alexander Latimer
Mr. Rajneesh Mathur
Mr. Andrew Prentice
Mr. Mahmood Iqbal Shafi     
Dr. Trevor Baglin
Dr. Charles Crawley
Dr. Robert Marcus
Dr. Pamela Wilson Ewan
Medical Microbiology
Dr. Hugo Anthony Ludlam
Medical Oncology
Dr. Charles Crawley
Medico Legal
Mr. Andrew Hindmarsh
Dr. Thomasin Andrews      
Dr. Christopher Michael Colquhoun Allen
Dr. Yvonne Mary Hart
Dr. Christopher Myles William Kipps
Dr. Graham Gordon Lennox     
Dr. Richard Metcalfe
Mr. David Moffat
Dr. Paul David Molyneux
Dr. Paul Richard Talbot
Dr. Gavin Robert Young
Mr. Peter John Ashton Hutchinson
Mr. Ramez Wadie Mikhael Kirollos
Mr. Rodney John Charles Laing
Mr. Robert Macfarlane
Dr. John Douglas Pickard
Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Adrien Michael Peters
Mr. Gerald Hackett     
Dr. Gerald Anthony Hackett
Mr. John Latimer
Dr. John Alexander Latimer
Mr. Rajneesh Mathur
Mr. Andrew Prentice
Mr. Mahmood Iqbal Shafi     
Ms. Louise Allen
Dr. Larry Benjamin
Mr. Declan William Flanagan
Dr. John Timothy Joseph Gillow
Mr. Keith Robert Graham Martin
Dr. Paul Arthur Roland Meyer
Mr. Douglas Keith Newman
Mr. Nicholas Jonathan Courtenay Sarkies
Paediatric Neurology
Dr. Christopher Michael Verity
Paediatric Surgery
Mr. Adil Aslam
Mr. Martyn Williams
Mr. Adil Aslam
Dr. Anthony Wilfred Ross Kelsall
Dr. Robert James McClure
Dr. Alasdair Patrick John Parker
Dr. Robert Ian Ross Russell
Dr. Denise Mary Williams
Palliative Medicine
Ms. Sara Booth
Pathology, General
Dr. Jeremy Lewis Rashbass
Dr. Vicki Elaine Save
Dr. Anne Yvonne Warren
Dr. John Henry Xuereb
Plastic Surgery
Mr. Tariq Ahmad     
Ms. Alessandra Catarina Emma Canal
Mr. George Cormack
Mr. Per Nicholas Hall     
Mr. Byrom George Harker Lamberty
Dr. Alan Douglas Smith
Dr. Francesca Marie Carola Denman
Dr. Claire Cousins
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Brian Leslie Hazleman
Dr. John Richard Jenner
Renal Medicine
Dr. John David Firth
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Syed Muhammad Shuaib Nasser
Dr. Adrian Crisp
Dr. Brian Hazleman
Dr. Andrew James Knowles Ostor
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr. Jaisingh Prabhakar Chitnavis
Mr. David Patrick Conlan     
Mr. James Alexander Hopkinson-Woolley
Mr. Graham Keene
Mr. Peter Julian Owen
Mr. Andreas Rehm
Mr. Andrew Hugh Neil Robinson
Mr. Graham Michael Tytherleigh-Strong     
Mr. Alastair Vince
Dr. Tevita Fotu 'Aho
Mr. Andrew Doble
Mr. John Kelly
Dr. David Edgar Neal
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Jonathan Boyle
Mr. Kevin Varty

Reviews of Addenbrooke's Hospital

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Overall rating

"I cannot fault the care I received and felt in very safe hands."

Overall rating

"Had a scoliosis correction 2 years ago, he is THE BEST!"

Overall rating

"Mr Shafi was very professional and put me at ease when worried about cancer. Everything was fully explained, nothing was too much trouble to go over again if needed. Surgery went perfectly and I made a full recovery with no complications. I have every confidence in him and would highly recommend him."

Overall rating

"Was my surgeon for the correction of my scoliosis last year. Was great. He was so lovely and encouraging. I can't thank him enough!"

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