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A baby's bottle itself will not cause tooth decay, it really depends what is in it! Any tooth - adult or baby tooth has the potential to decay if exposed to long periods of sugar. For example sending a baby to bed with a bottle of water will have no negative effect on the teeth, however the same bottle filled with milk or fruit juice can cause decay. A few simple tips: * dilute with water any juice in a baby's bottle * try and avoid the baby having the bottle in the mouth the whole night, unless it just contains water. * don't fill a baby's bottle with fizzy drinks or add extra sugar

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Dr. Jeff Sherer

Dentist, Hygienist


Not considered unsafe.

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Dr. Julian Bone



Personally, I recommend the material best suited for the particular situation. I prefer white (composite) fillings as they can strengthen the tooth and look nicer. However white fillings are very technique sensitive, and if I cannot do a white filling well, I recommend an alternative. Sometimes a traditional amalgam (metal) filling will work the best.

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Dr. Richard Lilleker Premium Profile Has a more complete profile



Yes, some teeth, and different areas of each tooth are more likely to decay than others. It is due to the likelihood of food trapping, plaque build-up, the amount of protective saliva, etc

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Dr. Richard Lilleker Premium Profile Has a more complete profile



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