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It depends a little on which pituitary hormones are damaged or lost during the insult causing Sheehan syndrome. Not all the hormones are damaged equally, and not all completely. As it's after childbirth, and blood loss at that time, one may fail to lactate if one loses prolactin; ones periods may not return if one loses the gonadotrophins and one may have menopausal hot flushes; if one loses ACTH and/ or TSH one may feel fatigue. The symptoms of ACTH deficiency otherwise can include weight loss, dizziness on standing, with signs such as low blood pressure, particularly on standing and weight loss; at times of severe illness one can become very unwell. TSH deficiency causes hypothyroidism, fatigue, dry skin, constipation, confusion, hair loss and swelling of the ankles.

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Dr. Philip Kelly

Endocrinologist, Internist


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