Dr. Martin Wade

Dr. Martin Wade


Specialist in: Dermatological surgery, Hair loss, Skin cancer (management), Acne

Reference Number: GMC4080323



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  • B.Med.Sci.University of Tasmania1987
  • MB.BS.University of Tasmania1990
  • FACDAustralasian College of Dermatology2005

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Reference Number: GMC4080323

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  • Fee
    Indicative prices for private patients (without health insurance).
    Information submitted on: July 2016
  • First visit Dermatology From £ 230
  • Subsequent visits Dermatology £ 180
  • Allergy testing From £ 120
  • Photodynamic therapy From £ 650
  • Punch biopsy From £ 650
  • Shave biopsy From £ 650
  • Skin biopsy From £ 650
  • Skin cancer surgery From £ 700
  • Skin lesion biopsy From £ 650
  • Skin lesion removal From £ 700
  • Treatment of warts From £ 180
  • Wood's lamp examination

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The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis to understand what is causing the hair-loss. A Dermatologist that specialises in hair-loss conditions can help with that. If the cause is androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern balding), then the two methods clinically proven to prevent further hair-loss, halt hair-loss, or recover hair already lost, are oral Finasteride, and topical Minoxidil. Both treatments though are taken on an ongoing basis. It is important to have baseline clinical photographs prior to starting treatment, to measure that the treatment is effective. You should speak with a Dermatologist to understand any potential risks and side-effects with both treatment options.

Dr. Martin Wade

Dr. Martin Wade



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