Highgate Hospital 19 View Road Highgate London N6 4DJ Tel: 020 8341 4182 N64DJ Highgate, Greater London
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  • English
  • Punjabi


  • BSc Hons, FRCP
  • MB BSKings College London1991

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The Wellington Diagnostics & Outpatients Centre Roman House 296 Golders Green Road London NW11 9PY Tel: 020 8736 1100 NW119PY Golders Green, Greater London (map)

Tuesday 17.00 - 20.00

Highgate Hospital 19 View Road Highgate London N6 4DJ Tel: 020 8341 4182 N64DJ Highgate, Greater London (map)

Tuesday 12.40 - 16.00

46/50 Sunny Gardens Road Hendon London NW4 1RP Tel: 0208 457 4500 NW41RP Hendon, Greater London (map)

Tuesday 08.30 - 11.00

Holly House Hospital High Road Buckhurst Hill Essex IG9 5HX Tel: 020 89361201 IG95HX Buckhurst Hill, Essex (map)

Monday 17.30 - 20.00

Spire Roding Hospital, Roding Lane South Redbridge Essex IG4 5PZ Tel: 020 8709 7878IG45PZ Wanstead, Greater London (map)

Wednesday 13.30 - 3.30

13 Crosswall, Tower Hill, London EC3N 2JY Tel: 020 7488 5060 EC3N2JY Central London, Greater London (map)

Friday 17.00 - 20.00

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Can you use fucidin H for psoriasis?

Question about Fucidin H

  • Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    Dr. Anshoo Sahota
  • Fucidin H is a topical treatment which contains an antibiotic (fusidic acid) and a mild steroid (hydrocortisone).

    It is not typically used for psoriasis unless that particular combination of ingredients were required.

    It is rare for psoriasis to become infected so the fusidic acid is unlikely to help.

    I rarely recommend hydrocortisone for psoriasis as it is usually not strong enough to be effective

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I have meibomianitis and rosacea should I see a dermatologists?

Question about Meibomianitis

  • Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    Dr. Anshoo Sahota
  • Yes. Dermatologist are the experts in Rosacea treatment. Typically an oral treatment such as doxycycline would help both the eye and skin involvement.

How to control pompholyx? 7years son

Question about Pompholyx

  • Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    Dr. Anshoo Sahota
  • Pompholyx is a form of eczema affecting the hands and feet causing tiny blisters on the palms and soles. Mild cases can be treated with topical steroids. More severe cases might need tablets under expert guidance by a dermatologist.

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