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What I liked: "Wonderful results, namely 100% cure for epilepsy, (30th May 1985), no side effects, most wonderful staff and my life long gratuity to Dr John Oxbury, Dr Susan Oxbury and Mr. Christopher Adams. Still free 31 years later and love every moment that I am free."

Could improve: "You can't improve on 100 %."

I went for: removal temporal lobe and part gyrus

Patient who saw Dr. John Michael Oxbury

What I liked: "Dr Oxbury referred me for surgery with consultant Christopher Adams to cure my epilepsy back in 1989. Both are/were absolutely amazing doctors! Dr Oxbury was such a character too. I can't thank them enough for what they have done for me!"

I went for: Amygdalahippocampectomy

Sophie B. saw Dr. John Michael Oxbury

What I liked: "Dr Oxbury is the most amazing person I have ever known. I was the youngest person in the country he did right temporal lobectomy surgery on back in 1987 at 9 years old. He has given me a full quality of life nearly thirty years on and for that I will be forever grateful."

Could improve: "Nothing. Amazing surgeon. Thankyou, Claire Boylan Birmingham."

I went for: right temporal lobectomy

Patient who saw Dr. John Michael Oxbury

"Dr Oxbury put me forward for brain sugery in 1993, had the operation in 1994 and nearly 19 years on, I have an awful lot to be thankful for"

Patient who saw Dr. John Michael Oxbury

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