Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Orthopaedist, Orthopaedic surgeon

Specialist in: Arthroscopic surgery, Frozen shoulder, Joint replacement, Knee replacement, Knee surgery, Shoulder surgery, Sports injuries


Curriculum Vitae


  • Diploma Sports MedicineRCSI1995
  • MchTrinity College, Dublin1998
  • FRCSI (Tr & Orth)RCSI2002

Professional bio and experience


TRAINING: After training on the North Western & West Midlands Specialist Registrar training programme, Mr. Moholkar took up the post of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in December 2004.He has completed a fellowship from the United States of America and a Sports Fellowship from Australia.


KNEE AND SHOULDER PROCEDURES: He has a broad base of various aspects of Knee and Shoulder surgery (Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty) and a special interest in Total, Unicompartmental & Patello-Femoral Knee Replacement using Patient specific prenavigation techniques.He undertakes knee arthroscopies and meniscal trimming operations. He also carries out shoulder arthroscopies with cuff repair, decompression and stabilisation of recurrent dislocations. He also undertakes Reverse shoulder replacements which are done for longstanding shoulder cuff and arthritis conditions.


MEDIAL PIVOT KNEE REPLACEMENT: He has over 10 years experience in performing Medial Pivot Knee Replacements which is a prosthesis based upon normal human anatomy and provides stability like a normal knee.


PATIENT CENTERED APPROACH: He will discuss your problems and provide various treatment option available for treating the condition. He will then analyse the circumstances like previous treatment, home/work requirement and your general health before recommending the most appropriate management alternative. Patients then are requested to think about the available options and select the most appropriate one that suits them. This approach places patients in he driving seat to understand the problem and then make decisions regarding treatment options with professional guidance.

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  • English
  • Hindi



  • First visit Orthopaedics Details
    • Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
    • BMI The Priory Hospital
    • Droitwich Knee Clinic
    • BMI The Edgbaston Hospital
  • Subsequent visits Orthopaedics
  • First visit Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Acute knee ligament injury
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Knee replacement
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Shoulder arthroscopy

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"I had a complete knee replacement and Mr Moholkar, his team and Ward 12 couldn't have been more efficient and helpful. The physio came 3 times and I was confident with stairs, showering and doing the essential exercises. Now painfree and back to my old active life, thank you so much."

Patient who saw Mr. Kirti Moholkar in Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

"My knee replacement works like a dream, Thankyou"

Patient who saw Mr. Kirti Moholkar in Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

I went for: tkr right and left

Patient who saw Mr. Kirti Moholkar in Droitwich Knee Clinic

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As said earlier there are many aspects of shoulder problems that can be treated by an arthroscopy and a firm diagnosis should be established before operation using analysis of shoulder complaints, examination of the shoulder, x-rays and Ultrasound scan (or MRI Scan).

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

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Orthopaedic surgeon, Orthopaedist


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