Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Orthopaedic surgeon, Orthopaedist

Specialist in: Arthroscopic surgery, Sports injuries, Frozen shoulder, Joint replacement, Knee replacement, Knee surgery, Shoulder surgery



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"I had a complete knee replacement and Mr Moholkar, his team and Ward 12 couldn't have been more efficient and helpful. The physio came 3 times and I was confident with stairs, showering and doing the essential exercises. Now painfree and back to my old active life, thank you so much."

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It is always teamwork! My job is minor in putting the pieces together. Hard-working patients make the surgeon's look good. Congratulations on your hard work and successful knee replacement.

"My knee replacement works like a dream, Thankyou"

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Enhanced Recovery protocols, Balanced knee replacement and appropriate physiotherapy is a recipe for good result. It is never a one man band! Compassionate surgical team with a hard working patient will lead to better results.

I went for: tkr right and left

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  • Diploma Sports MedicineRCSI1995
  • MchTrinity College, Dublin1998
  • FRCSI (Tr & Orth)RCSI2002

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Articles written by Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Shoulder impingement syndrome

Impingement in the shoulder is a wear and tear type of problem which results due to the way your shoulder has been put together at birth. This leads to the tendon in the shoulder getting pinched leading to pain and stiffness.

Steroid injection is usually diagnostic, and post injection physiotherapy can provide pain relief.

Surgery is required if impingement is diagnosed by examination with the ultrasound scan. Decompression surgery relieves impingement and recovery is expected within six weeks to 6 months based upon the underlying cause.

We follow an enhanced recovery protocol if surgery is required. This technique with rigorous physiotherapy can lead to earlier recovery. Physiotherapy is the hallmark if speedy recovery is anticipated.

Shoulder soft tissue injury

Shoulder injury may lead to a tendon tear. You may have suffered from the minor injury, but stiffness can result if the joint is not moved and kept mobile.

Examination and early diagnosis are required to prevent the joint from stiffening up and resultant surgery, particularly if no physical damage to the joint has occurred.

Steroid injection can both help manage your pain and improve your ability to do physiotherapy. A well done injection relieves pain in minutes and can last for days/weeks or months depending upon the damage.

The injury may bring a pre-existing issue like impingement to the forefront. Appropriate investigations like an X-ray and Ultrasound scan can be diagnostic in this condition.

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Kneecap replacement is a limited joint replacement procedure which works well, but is suitable for a very small population.

As your knees have three different parts which work as 1, to be suitable for kneecap replacement, the rest of the two parts should be normal.

Of-course your surgeon will examine and recommend a kneecap replacement only if patients are suitable.

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Orthopaedic surgeon, Orthopaedist

Droitwich Spa

It all depends upon the level of recovery every patient is making. With our clinic Enhanced recovery protocols, patients usually get significant pain reductions in about 2-3 weeks with discomfort left at 6 weeks when they can drive.

It is important to continue with physiotherapy as flexibility will positively affect the recovery and return to driving!

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Orthopaedic surgeon, Orthopaedist

Droitwich Spa

Very difficult to answer such type of a question. Proper diagnosis, appropriate treatment and only if required arthroscopy will usually yield good results!

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Mr. Kirti Moholkar

Orthopaedic surgeon, Orthopaedist

Droitwich Spa

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