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English, Arabic
FRCOG, MD, 1997


Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust
Gynaecology services

Gwendolen Road
LE54PW Leicester, Leicester (map)

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Leicester Royal Infirmary
Gynaecology services

Infirmary Square
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Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital

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Spire Leicester Hospital

Gartree Road, Oadby (Oadby)
LE22FF Leicester, Leicester (map)

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I have a problem with my Bartholin's gland for the third time, what is the procedure I should follow in this case?

Question about Bartholin's Cyst and Abscess

  • Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
    Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
  • I normally drain it and remove part of the cyst at the same time, then stitch the remaining of the cyst wall to the skin in order to keep it open until it is completely healed up. This is called marsupialisation of Bartholin cyst. In my hand and doing it this way, I found that the recurrence rate is very low.

How long do I wait to have sex after treatment?

Question about Paraurethral cysts

  • Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
    Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
  • I would suggest 2 weeks, but it depends on how you feel. So, it can be slightly longer than 2 weeks

i am on my 2nd pack day 4 and have a bleed like a period is it normal?

Question about Prempak-C

  • Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
    Mr. Tarek Gelbaya
  • With prempak- C, it is normal to have regular bleeding like a period every month. It can take between 3-4 months before the bleeding become regular. Irregular bleeding after finishing the fourth packet warrants further investigations.