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What I liked: "Mr Sead Dzumhur was very kind and understanding as I was very nervous and frightened. He put me completely at ease and was caring and took the time to speak and explain. He was everything you would want in a doctor when you are vulnerable."

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: breast examination

Patient who saw Dr. Sead Dzumhur

What I liked: "He was so kind and no question is too much trouble for him to answer, he is very positive, which you need when you're going through a vulnerable time in your life. Brilliant man and consultant!"

Could improve: "Nothing, he really takes the time to talk you through all options. He is warm, friendly and human, some consultants are cold and do not have a friendly manner. If you get Mr Dzumhur you will be well looked after."

I went for: Breast surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Sead Dzumhur

What I liked: "now 10 yrs later I can remember mr dzumhur who looked after me so well and was so caring, wish there were more doctors like him. cannot express how much I appreciate his care for me at a time of worry in my life. i can assure anyone who has him looking after them will find him the most caring doctor."

Could improve: "nothing as far as the care I got from mr dzumhur and the rest of the staff."

I went for: Breast cancer surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Sead Dzumhur in Glenfield Hospital

"We definitely need more doctors like Mr Dzhumur!! he was so good to us and helped my mom and family get through this difficult time. He is so patient and goes through everything in great detail showing a true concern. It almost felt as though he was part of our family for that period of time."

Patient who saw Dr. Sead Dzumhur in Glenfield Hospital

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