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"I have always found Dr Bakhai punctual, very professional, courtesy at all times and helpful attributes which can be greatly admired.- Audrey Burrell"

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In the past diltiazem was investigated as a treatment for asthma but the beneficial effects were too small to recommend it as a positive treatment but generally diltiazem works to relax smooth muscle and does not therefore provoke asthma of the lungs.

In care cases diltiazem can weaken hearts and cause fluid build up in the lungs which some doctors may call "cardiac asthma" but this is not the usual asthma we mean.

Dr. Ameet Shashikant Bakhai



This is a really broad question so giving a broad answer.
There and many heart rhythm abnormalities, ones form the atria or ones form the ventricle. Ones form the ventricle are particularly dangerous as they drop blood pressure and make people black out and occasionally with fatal consequences.
Ones from the atria are somewhat less risky but can be a risk for stroke (atrial fibrillation or flutter) and make you feel breathless and weak or anxious if going too fast or too slow.
Then there are abnormal rhythms that involve the heart going too slow and need a pacemaker implantation.
Hope that helps. If you google for a site "arrhythmia alliance" there is good info there for patients.

Dr. Ameet Shashikant Bakhai



This depends on how often you faint and whether this was both a blood pressure drop and heart slowing down. Many young patients with your type of results have lifestyle advice to avoid dropping blood pressure and we have a watch and wait approach and some folks have enough symptoms that we hope by giving them a pacemaker and blood pressure increasing medications we can improve their quality of life and reduce blackouts. However putting pacemakers into younger people should always be considered carefully whether the risks and benefits stack up in favour or not.

Dr. Ameet Shashikant Bakhai



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