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"Mr Nakas gave us hope when others sent my husband home to wait for symptoms to increase, with the view of treating symptoms as they arise. Oh no, not him. We look at the situation in detail and then take action. He has given us optimism and hope for a better future. He is the ultimate professional."

Patient who saw Dr. Apostolos Nakas in Glenfield Hospital

"We acknowledge the care, skill and will of Dr. Nakas. He is world class at his job and both compassionate and emotionally engaged. His support both medically and mentally have played a vital role in our determination to get through a very tough period. Mr & Mrs Terranova"

Patient who saw Dr. Apostolos Nakas in Glenfield Hospital

"Mr A. Nakas was the BEST doctor I ever met, kind, careful, nice, can't tell how I am satisfied and all people who is working in the Hospital. Many, many thanks for everything, ALL THE BEST to everyone: Mrs Annamaria Martonne Gabos"

Annamaria G. saw Dr. Apostolos Nakas in Glenfield Hospital


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Reference Number: 4686358

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