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  • My daughter had a lesion removed from her left shoulder a few months ago which I was told was a cyst over 2 years ago. At the end of Jan 2015 I was th... Read more

    Mr. Hagen Schumacher Mr. Hagen Schumacher
    Plastic surgeon
    If the BCC has been completely removed, nothing else needs to be done. If the margin between the BCC and the cut edge is less than 1mm under... Read more
  • My daughter is 9 and from time to time has really painful sores on her labia. The pediatrician isn't really sure what it is and has prescibed fucidin... Read more

    Dr. Anshoo Sahota Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    No. Erythrasma does not cause sores and is not painful. Your daughter ought to see a dermatologist with expertise in vulval conditions.
  • I have a sebaceous cyst on top of my head (1 - 1.5cm). Do you have to remove hair to remove the cyst? I am a woman with long hair and very worried abo... Read more

    Mr. Hagen Schumacher Mr. Hagen Schumacher
    Plastic surgeon
    Usually a small amount of hair is removed to make surgery easier, but part of that area is then removed with surgery. In practice this is us... Read more
  • My latest prescription of Dilzem XL 180mg is giving me side effects that I have never had over many years of use, I'm getting nausea and swelling of a... Read more

    Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
    Dilzem XL 180mg is a brand name for diltiazem which has nausea as a common side effect and peripheral oedema as a very common side effect.... Read more
  • Iv'e a Fibroid 4cm on my uterus, diagnosed 2 weeks ago. an MRI this week shows the Fibroid is prolapsed and difficult to treat.. Surgeon has never d... Read more

    Mr. Philip Kaloo Mr. Philip Kaloo
    Hello. If you mean that the fibroid is coming out of the uterus via the cervix then this is a straightforward procedure of removing the fibr... Read more
  • Can a trapped nerve in my neck cause dizziness? Read more

    Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen
    The simple answer is No. Dizziness has many causes including fluctuation in blood pressure, ear diseases, anaemia..etc

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