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  • Is an electric toothbrush better at removing plaque than a traditional one? Many thanks Read more

    Dr. Richard Lilleker Dr. Richard Lilleker
    It is easier to brush well with an electric toothbrush, however a manual toothbrush is also fine. More important than the choice of tool is... Read more
  • While I was pregnant my gums sometimes bled when I brushed them. Is this normal? Read more

    Dr. Richard Lilleker Dr. Richard Lilleker
    Yes, the hormonal changes of pregnancy can often cause a tiny, hidden bit of gum inflammation to become much more pronounced and noticeable.... Read more
  • I have been diagonesd woth frontal fibrosing alopecia - what do I do? Read more

    Dr. Anshoo Sahota Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) is quite a difficult form of hair loss to treat because the cause is unknown and once scarring has occurred... Read more
  • What are the generic names for Cardicor? Read more

    Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
    Bisoprolol. It is a cardioselective betablocker used in treatment of hypertension, angina and heart failure.
  • My aunt is having shoulder surgery because of a bone spur. What can you tell me about the surgery she will be having? Read more

    Mr. Dave Cloke Mr. Dave Cloke
    Orthopaedic surgeon
    It sounds like a decompression - which may be open surgery or arthroscopic (keyhole). In patients with tendon problems in the shoulder that... Read more
  • My doctor ordered a shoulder arthroscopy. What will he be able to learn from this procedure? Read more

    Mr. Dave Cloke Mr. Dave Cloke
    Orthopaedic surgeon
    Shoulder arthroscopy will show almost all problems within the shoulder, but is only used these days for surgical treatment of diagnosed diso... Read more
  • My friend has a ganglion that is getting larger. When should she consider having it removed? Read more

    Mr. Abhay Chopada Mr. Abhay Chopada
    Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon
    Yes. Get it clinically assessed.
  • I have sciatica. It has been getting more painful. Can you please tell me about what treatments work for sciatica? Read more

    Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen
    Selecting the best treatment option for sciatica can only be determined after history taking and clinical examination. They vary from analg... Read more
  • I have been prescribed 12.5mg of Cardicor. Is this safe? Read more

    Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
    The usual maximum dose of Cardicor (bisoprolol) is 10mg daily but spc (summary of product characteristics) allows up to 20mg in treatment of... Read more
  • I have a scar from an injury that won't stop growing. What should I do? Read more

    Gerard Lambe Gerard Lambe
    Plastic surgeon
    this sounds like a keloid scar. This is a rare type or sever scarring that spreads outside the border of the original injury. Treatment can... Read more

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