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  • I had breast surgery done 8 years ago and one of them has just swelled up and is sore. What should I do? Read more

    Mr. Jonathan Staiano Mr. Jonathan Staiano
    Cosmetic Surgeon
    Hello there. One of the first questions I would ask is 'do you have breast implants in?' If you have breast implants and have spontaneous... Read more
    • 1 expert agrees
    • Mr. Hagen Schumacher
  • I have BPH now controlled by medication. Can I request a TURP so that I can stop taking meds long term? (Is it allowed?). Read more

    Mr. Rowan Casey Mr. Rowan Casey
    Yes definitely you can. Some patients opt for surgery as a primary treatment instead of medication, some people if the medication fails or h... Read more
  • Which type of specialist should I book to see that can specialise in excrutiating pain during and after sex? Read more

    Mr. Gourab Misra Mr. Gourab Misra
    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician
    It may be related to a condition called endometriosis which I specialise in.
  • My father has glossopharyngel neuralgia and is currently on medication. The episodes have become worse of late. Is acupuncture an option? Read more

    Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen Mr. Ameen Abbas Ameen
    Acupuncture is not a known option. Medications to control the pain such as the Anticonvulsant Carbamezapine( Tegretol), or Gabapentin (Neu... Read more
  • Does Nitromin affect my reading for a police breath test? Read more

    Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
    No, it doesn't. Nitromint spray contains 9.6 mg of alcohol in one puff which means that you would have to take 3,000 (three thousand) puffs... Read more
  • Is Suscard suspended? Read more

    Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP Dr. Petr Ruzicka PhD FRCP
    Suscard Buccal is a prolonged-release tablet. The tablets normally take 3-5 hours to dissolve. The active ingredient of Suscard Buccal is gl... Read more

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