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  • Can endometriosis appear at women under 30 years old? If the menstruatuion is very painful, should she go for an investigation? Read more

    Mr. Philip Kaloo Mr. Philip Kaloo
    Endometriosis can present at any age after menstuation starts. No symptoms categorically mean endometriosis is present but if period pain is... Read more
    • 1 expert agrees
  • Is aesthetic rhinoplasty the same as functional rhinoplasty? Read more

    Mr. Hagen Schumacher Mr. Hagen Schumacher
    Plastic surgeon
    Aesthetic rhinoplasty addresses the appearance (=mainly the outside of the nose) and functional rhinoplasty addresses breathing problems (=m... Read more
    • 1 expert agrees
    • Dr. Kavin Andi
  • can you tell me about Rubber band ligation and is it a successful operation? Read more

    Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan Raja Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan Raja
    Colorectal surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon
    Hi, Rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids is a successful method of treating mainly internal piles. It done as an outpatient or Day case proc... Read more
    • 1 expert agrees
    • Mr. Abhay Chopada
  • There are so many toothpastes on the market, any tips on how I should choose one or what to look for? Read more

    Dr. Richard Lilleker Dr. Richard Lilleker
    Toothpastes are heavily marketed. Almost every toothpaste will claim to treat a multitude of problems. In my opinion, ignore most of the h... Read more
  • If you have a very small cavity (that doesn't need to be treated), is it possible for it to ever go away or improve over time? Read more

    Dr. Richard Lilleker Dr. Richard Lilleker
    It depends how small and how well the area is looked after. The smallest cavities can sometimes 'heal', while most medium and large cavitie... Read more
  • How can Actinic keratosis be prevented? Read more

    Dr. Anshoo Sahota Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    Actinic keratosis is the name for scaley red lesions on sun exposed areas such as the face, scalp & hands. They are caused by sun damage and... Read more
  • Is acrochordon harmful? Read more

    Dr. Anshoo Sahota Dr. Anshoo Sahota
    No. Acrochordons are skin tags. They can be left alone or surgically snipped off.
  • I've been suffering with plantar fasciitis pain for more than 8 months. I went to the doctor and was prescribed insoles and medication. I've been taki... Read more

    Mr. Manoj Sood Mr. Manoj Sood
    Orthopaedic surgeon
    Appropriate plantar fascia stretches can often help. If all measures fail then you can try shock wave therapy which helps in 70-80% of cases.
  • How much of my skin will be needed for full thickness skin graft? Read more

    Mr. Hagen Schumacher Mr. Hagen Schumacher
    Plastic surgeon
    In theory it should be the same size as the skin size that is missing. If this is done after skin tumour removal, the graft is often about 1... Read more
  • What treatment is there for premature ejaculation? Read more

    Mr. Rowan Casey Mr. Rowan Casey
    There is delayed, premature and absent ejaculation. There are many behavioural, topical and pharmacological techniques available to help. A... Read more

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